Last Minute Retreat Discounts, Gifts and New Year Cleansing

Hi Everyone

As the New Year is coming I'm starting to intuitively cleanse and clear out the old and to make way for the new. There's many ways we can cleanse: our bodies, our minds, our homes. Down below I've shared some cleansing inspirations to create for your New Years Day...

Uki NYE Reteat Pool and Views...

We will soon be entering our NYE Yoga Retreats in Byron Bay & Uki with some lovely rooms still available...

Last Minute NYE Retreat Booking Gifts: For anyone wishing to join us on a deeply cleansing, restorative & transformative NYE Retreat journey I'm offering my 3 Radiance Yoga DVD's as a last minute booking gift plus an $80 retreat discount or a Spa Voucher to use on our Uki NYE Yoga Spa Restore Retreat or our Byron Bay NYE Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat...

To receive these gifts type 'I'm gifted' next to your name when you book onto your retreat.

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Greeting New Years Day with a Walk, Yoga and Swim...

WELCOMING THE NEW YEAR: On retreats our minds and bodies are cleansing with the inspirational yoga, beach and nature walks, fresh air and healthy organic meals. You feel amazing by the end.

CLEANSING: On retreat our meals are free of meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, processed foods, alcohol & coffee. Now is a good time to start reducing your intake of foods you know are weighing you down so you awake on New Years Day feeling light, healthy, clear & inspired.

NYE RITUAL: On retreat we share a special ritual on New Years Eve where we meditate on what no longer serves us in our life, we burn off the old and make space for the new, we reflect on what brings us joy, ease and happiness. You can create your own NYE Ritual for yourself or with your friends and family...

PLANNING YOUR NEW YEARS DAY: on New Years Day morning we awake early to embrace the new year with an inspired walk, inspirational yoga, swimming and a delicious juice and vibrant breakfast. Now's a good time to feel into what you'd like to create for your New Years Day. An early morning yoga class? A nature walk? Some people on retreat choose this day to book into a healing massage or decadent body treatment. You could book yourself into a session for the new years day or be creative and swap shoulder or foot massages with family and friends.

CLEANSING SPACE: I've always intuitively felt to give my house a deep cleanse before I enter the new year, letting go of what no longer serves me, what I no longer need, want or like. It feels lovely returning home from my retreats to a space that is free of the old, and the feels spacious and clear...

Upcoming Retreats in Byron Bay, Uki, Bali, Tuscany, Pyrenees, New Zealand & Spain...


Byron Bay NYE Yoga Retreat 28th Dec '16 - 3rd Jan '17
Uki NYE Yoga Spa Restore Retreat 29th Dec '16 - 3rd Jan '17


Byron Bay January Yoga Retreat 6th - 12th Jan
Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat 17th - 21st Feb
Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat 22nd - 27th April
Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat 2nd - 9th Sep
Pyrenees Yoga & Hiking Retreat 11th - 17th Sep
Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Restore Retreat 3rd - 8th Nov
New Zealand Yoga Hiking Retreat 18th - 23rd Nov
Byron Bay NYE Yoga Cleanse Restore Retreat 28th Dec - 3rd Jan '18

We look forward to welcoming you on retreat...

With inspiration and happy yoga-ing

Jessie & facilitators

"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"