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Hi All

I love how my dog Boots stretches in downward facing and upward facing dog poses every morning - so regular, innate and effortless. Imagine if we began each day like this? How different would we feel after 5 years? 20 years? A lifetime?

Yoga is our companion for life, a friend, a space to return to, a tool to transform. With regular practice our inner connection and awareness deepens. Sometimes less is more, especially if that less is practiced regularly over a lifetime...

Here's a simple sequence to bring the mind into the body with the breath:


For those who've attended a Radiance Retreat you'll be familiar with my afternoon restoration classes for deep physical and mental rest. When we're deeply relaxed we're more willing and able to simply be with what is - we cultivate a connection with our feeling self. Feeling relaxed and safe we naturally stop trying, pushing, striving - we become more receptive, open and boundless, tapping into universal wisdom and strength.

Here's one of my favourite asana's for deep rest:

Supta Baddha Konasana - arms supported on blankets, blankets under the thighs & eyes covered...


Dakota & Boots greeting the day...

My daughter's lime and lemon drink with honey is so simple, refreshing and naturally good for us - especially as the seasons change. Pick some fresh lemons and limes add some raw organic honey and share others. A natural immune booster - with no bottled vitamins in sight!


It's been a beautiful and inspiring year of retreats so far and the journey continues with my inspirational - and deeply pampering Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat 23rd- 29th May with dedicated twice daily yoga, beautiful guided walks, 3 deluxe 5-star award winning spa days, lots of soulful cultural tours in beautiful surrounds...always so uplifting and nourishing...


I remember with great fondness my years living in Europe and loved that come spring the Spanish farmhouse would be dusted and scrubbed inside and out. This ritual cleanse is such a tradition within European families it's become instinctual...

With deep cleansing and renewal in mind our 4 night Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat is from September 4th - 8th with dedicated yoga, beautiful guided walks, organic meals, cleansing juices, chanting and lots stillness and sharing in beautiful ocean view surrounds. We'd love to share the journey with you.

Retreat testimonial from Hayley, 42, Administrator:
"The Byron Bay Radiance Retreat was a transformational experience balancing & healing my mind, body and soul. Jessie is an intuitive yoga teacher and along with her talented facilitators, provided a very nurturing space to work within. A truly memorable experience - made very special by the amazing people I met."

Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreat:

Our home in Italy

This years beautiful Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreat is from Sat 3rd - Sat 10th October staying once again at the gorgeous Villa Benvenuti outside Lucca - so rich in beauty and culture and such a joy to return to year after year. Places are limited so if you're thinking of joining us let me know...

Apart from all the wonderful yoga, beautiful accommodation, home-cooked meals and picturesque daily walks - we share optional excursion such as walking the Cinque Terra, soaking in nearby thermal spa waters and guided cultural tours...

"The joy began at the sight of our Tuscan Villa which proved to be 'home' for a week of well balanced strengthening, restoring, rejuvenating yoga and meditation. We enjoyed wonderful walks through the countryside and optional outings. The vegetarian food, facilities and staff were outstanding and Jessie's guidance and nurturing instruction lead us all through a wonderfully, memorable time. I now have a new strength of heart, body and mind. Thank you so much."
Jenny, 55, Yoga teacher & Body Therapist

France Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat:

If ADVENTURE, dedicated twice daily yoga, daily Pyrenees mountain hiking and picturesque Pyrenees mountain accommodation appeals to you I still have a few places available on my 5 night into the wild Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat this October. Email me on

All 2015/2016 Retreats:

Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - May 23rd - 29th 2015

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Sep 4th - 8th 2015

Italy Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreats - Oct 3rd - 10th 2015

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Nov 13th - 18th 2015

Byron Bay NYE Yoga Retreat - Dec 28th 2015 - Jan 3rd 2016

Uki NYE Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - Dec 29th 2015 - Jan 3rd 2016

Byron Bay Summer Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Jan 6th - 12th 2016

Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - March 12th - 18th 2016

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat - April 22nd - 26th 2016

Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - June 11th - 17th 2016

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat - Sep 2nd - 6th 2016

Spain Yoga & Hiking Retreat - September 2016 dates TBA

Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreat - October 8th - 15th 2016

France Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat - October 2016 dates TBA

I hope to share a retreat journey with you...


"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"