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It's been an amazing year of retreats in Byron Bay, Bali, Spain & Italy. Thanks to all who've come to share the journey and to those who return again & again it's been beautiful deepening in friendship & seeing how much you get from your time on retreat...

And...thanks to the wonderful Radiance facilitators for all the energy and support you give. It's been beautiful and inspiring evolving together. Click here to read about some of our wonderful teachers & facilitators.

Free Giving - the simple Power Of Intention

I'm continually surprised - and not surprised - at the power of intention. I've been lighting a candle and dedicating my thoughts to a friend or family member. Whether weeding the garden or sitting in stillness I hold the person in my thoughts allowing the energy to flow to them, sending support. A simple way to give freely...

Speaking of intention: as we journey into the festive season now is the time to commit to a dedicated practice whether it be 10 min Sitting in Stillness or Lying with the Legs Up The Wall to restore after work. Enjoy the festive season in good health...

TrikonsAna - Spreading the Awareness

So much is being asked of us to be in Trikonasna - wonderful if you're doing a short practice. The legs are strengthened & toned, the hips are opened, the spine is made supple, the chest and shoulders are opened - and that's just the outer layer of our body!

To practice: From standing step your feet about a legs length apart. Turn the right foot out 90 degrees and the back foot in 15 degrees. Extend the arms out to the side at shoulder level. Inhale, lift up out of the hips and exhale extend to the right. Hold your right ankle or shin. Extend the left arm up & rotate your chest towards the ceiling keeping the legs firm.
Breathing: Use your breath as a tool to extend and rotate in the asana.
Hold: for 5-10 deep full breaths then inhale to come up and change.
Variations: if menstruating keep the top hand on the hip. Practice with a wall for stability if needed. If there's neck strain look down at the floor.

NYE Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat

Our Byron Bay NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat is full however we have places available on our inspirational NYE Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat in Uki staying at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa - located 40 min inland from the Gold Coast Airport.

This retreat combines twice daily yoga with massage & healing spa sessions (sauna, steam, jacuzzi & plunge pool), guided walking & seated meditations, core strength classes, yoga nidra, chanting, nature walks & other healing art classes for deep relaxation & renewal.

Cclick here to see photos from last years NYE Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat in Uki...

Speaking of delicious organic food I' happy to announce that Anthea Amore - who creates the wonderful food on our Byron Bay Retreats along with her husband Caspar - has released her cookbook aptly named PASSION reflecting her true passion for all things healthy & organic.

There are over 100 easy to create recipes, beautiful full colour images and of course Anthea shares her passion and philosophy around organic healthy cooking and eating and includes all sorts of wonderful inspiring and useful information and tips for us all. Thanks Anthea. A very beautiful book and a very inspiring present.

Click here to order on our Radiance Shop

Calendar of 2014/2015 Retreats:

Uki NYE Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - Dec 29th 2014 - Jan 3rd 2015

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Jan 6th - 12th

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Feb 20th - 24th

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - March 20th - 25th

Easter Uki Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - April 3rd - 7th

Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat - May 23rd - 29th

Bali Yoga Wellness Retreat - July 18th - 24th

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Sep 4th - 8th

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreats - Sep 5th - 12th & 12th - 19th

Italy Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreats - Oct 3rd - 10th & 10th - 17th

Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat - Nov 13th - 18th

Byron Bay NYE Yoga Retreat - Dec 28th 2015 - Jan 3rd 2016

What I'm Loving

Children in nature: forget busy theme parks and cinema's this holiday and take the kids bush instead to climb magical trees, walk barefoot, swim in creeks, collect & create with natural treasures, camp under the healing night sky, wake up early to beautiful birdsong...and return home soulfully restored...

I hope to welcome you on retreat one day...

with inspiration & happy yoga-ing



"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"