Keep Moving - Yoga Practice Inspirations

I'm loving the cooler autumn weather that's naturally inspiring a more energised heating yoga practice. Dynamic standing postures, warming backbends, longer inversions, I'm even enjoying exploring more abdominal toning postures - effort and sustenance just seem to be in the seasonal air. Autumn is naturally a time to lay foundations, to get down and dirty, to instil, to explore, create and inspire. Here's a few simple warm-up postures to get the blood flowing and to help shake off the morning cold. So keep moving...

Mira Mehta's Yoga Inspiration:
I love hearing people's stories about cultivating their home practice and how people sustain interest and discipline. Mira Mehta's book 'Yoga the Iyengar Way' is packed full of clear yoga instruction and insights and a wonderful workbook for beginners and anyone seeking ways to practice with props and a great selection yoga courses to follow day by day...Order online at: 

Here's a sample page showing the clear instruction given:

What I'm Loving
My Wall Ropes. Such good upside health investment. These cost me $60 for the set of 4 ropes from add to that 4 eye hooks with the screw thread attached at $15 each (which can hold 200 kilo's of weight) plus the specialised glue - all up it costed $160. A very worthwhile investment if you know you'll be at your abode for a while and have a solid support wall. Here's my daughter Dakota hanging out...

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