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It's been a beautiful summer of retreats in Byron Bay Australia. Lots of quality yoga practice, inspiring walks, intelligent food and soulful connections with people from all walks of life, of all ages and yoga experience. I love creating a healthy environment for people to simply relax and enjoy the benefits of a retreat and it's been wonderful sharing the simple yet profound benefits of yoga with so many people new to yoga...

May Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat

Friday 18th - Tuesday 22nd May
An inspirational all-inclusive yoga retreat staying at the lovely Sangsurya Retreat with lots of quality yoga practice, massages, beach walks, healthy food, nutrition healthy lifestyle talks, core strength classes, chanting & lots more. Twin share and single rooms available.

Byron Bay NYE & Summer Retreats

Dec 28th 2012 - Jan 3rd 2013
Jan 6th - 12th 2013Our next retreats in Byron Bay are our 6 night NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat and Summer Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat at Sangsurya Retreat combining twice daily yoga with healing massages, organic meals, beach walks, nutrition & cookings talks, core strength classes, yoga nidra, chanting & lots more. These retreats fill up early. Click here for full retreat details.

Explore Bali, Spain, Italy & France

Over the next 6 months our Radiance Retreat journey's are taking us to the heart of Bali, Spain, Italy & France. I'm so looking forward to exploring these different lands each so rich in their own culture and geographical beauty. Based on dedicated twice daily yoga these inspirational yoga holiday retreats build flexibility and strength, clarity of mind, stillness and inner peace - a soulful blend of being and doing with grace, joy and ease. Click on a retreat date below for more details...

Easter Heart of Bali Retreat
Fri 6th -Thu 12th April

Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat
Sat 9th - Fri 15th June

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreats
Sat 7th - 14th Sat July
Sat 11th - Sat 18th August
Sat 1st - Sat 8th September
Sat 8th - Sat 15th September

Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreats
Sat 21st - Sat 28th July
Sat 28th July - Sat 4th August

Staying at Villa Benvenuti outside the beautiful walled city of Lucca, 30 min from Pisa, 1 hour from Florence...

France Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat
Sep 22nd - 29th

Staying at Chateau Robert in the beautiful south west of France, 1 hour inland from Biarritz...

Practice: Twist & Cleanse

Every day is a good day to twist & cleanse. This asana helps to release tight spinal muscles and open the shoulders. The twisting action from the abdominal area massages and cleanses the abdominal organs for good health...

Parivrtta Parsvakonasan Variation - Revolved Sideways Angle Pose

Positioning: From standing step your right foot forward about a legs length. Square your hips to the front. Bend the right knee to make a right angle and rest the back knee on the floor. Inhale, raise your left arm and as you exhale turn to look over your right shoulder placing the hand to the floor beside the right foot. Rest your right hand on your right hip.

Focus: Use the abdominal muscles to turn deeper into the twist.

Breath: inhale to lift out of the waist, exhale to twist and turn deeper.

Hold: 5 - 10 breaths. Inhale to come up and do the other side.

Avoid: Avoid if menstruating or pregnant

Taste & Share: Coconut Cookies

I'm always looking for healthy sugar free treats for my daughter. This week I baked Christine Cronau's Apricot & Coconut Cookies using only 3 simple ingrediants and taking 10 min to prepare. Simple & nutritious and the verdict: Dakota loved them, 'the best cookies you've made mum'

½ a cup of organic dried apricots cut into small chunks
1 ¼ cups of desiccated coconut
3 organic free range eggs

Beat eggs. Add coconut and apricots. Roll into small balls. Place in baking dish. Press each ball with a fork (while holding the outside with your fingers to maintain structure). Turn the fork in the opposite direction and press the ball again. Bake at 120 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

From 'Great Health is a piece of cake' by

Motivation: Yoga for Any Body, Any Age

Poor posture, stiff joints, lack of mobility, weakness, difficulty balancing, stress and breathing problems are just some of the conditions that yoga can help alleviate. Yoga works to strengthen our bodies immune system helping to fight off disease and today more and more doctors and therapists are recommending clients take up yoga and meditation for its many healing benefits.

Yoga can be started at any age and need not be a strenuous exercise. In fact the practice of yoga should bring ease and comfort to ones physical state of being and relax the mind. There are many different types of yoga postures and styles of yoga to practice but it's good to keep in mind that essentially yoga was traditionally developed to simply help maintain optimum health. From this understanding we can approach our practice with awareness and compassion, doing only what feels right for you.

Just as every day is new and different so too are our energy levels. On days when feeling energised practice some upper body strengthening and weight bearing postures to build strong, healthy bones. Also try balancing postures, using a wall if needed for support, to develop strength and inward focus and twisting postures to soften your spine, release tension and improve circulation.

On days when feeling overwhelmed and tired gentle restorative postures, such as lying with the legs inverted up a wall, will be beneficial. Inverted postures rest the heart, help prevent varicose veins, relieve aching feet and legs and restore energy levels. Use props in the postures, such as bolsters and blankets, so your body is supported and comfortable. An experienced yoga teacher will be able to help you adapt postures to your needs.

Key to a beneficial yoga practice is the ability to listen within, to your body, and to breath well. Getting to know yoga, and experiencing its many benefits, is a journey to getting to know yourself more fully. As we take the time to learn yoga we become more in tune with our body, its natural rhythm and needs. We learn ways to relax, restore and recharge and most importantly we develop a greater sense of inner peace. Enjoy the journey...

Inspire: Tips for beginners

  1. When attending a yoga class choose a level that suits you, if new to yoga go to a class designed for beginners

  2. Communicate with your teacher before and during the class to let them know if anything does not feel 'right', if there is pain or discomfort. The more you communication the more you'll learn

  3. Check your teacher is experienced and has the ability to adjust postures to suit any conditions you may have such as high blood pressure, injuries, pregnancy, etc

  4. If in doubt ask your doctor or therapist to detail types of postures you may need to avoid and share this with your teacher
    Relaxation and Remedial Yoga Classes are great for when feeling fatigued or you have specific conditions that need attention

  5. Make use of yoga props such as a wall, chair, strap, bolster and blankets. They help give you support, comfort, balance and help you with correct alignment

  6. Yoga is a practice with us for all the different phases we move through in life. A good yoga practice should feel as though it has nourished you, given you energy and addressed any physical, mental or emotional issues you may be experiencing

  7. Try and remember the postures you do in the class that feel particularly beneficial for you and make time at home to practice these a little. Like this you'll learn to become your own yoga teacher.


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Thanks to all who've come on a retreat and made them happen. Happy yoga-ing and I hope to welcome you on retreat one day soon...



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Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"