Upcoming Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreats...

It's incredible how transformative and inspiring a retreat is. Everyone looks and feels amazing after all the wonderful yoga, beach walks, healthy food and juices, massages and deep relaxation...

Soon I'll be delving into our inspirational Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreats staying at the lovely Sangsurya Retreat. Here are the upcoming retreat dates. Click on a date to read more:

November Wed 9th - Tue 15th - 6 nights

December Tue 27th - January Mon 2nd - 6 nights

January Thu 5th - Wed 11th - 6 nights

February Fri 24th - Tue 28th - 4 nights

March Sat 24th - Wed 28th - 4 nights

I love being on retreat at Sangsurya. There's such a feeling of peace experienced within the beautiful natural surrounds. The ocean is within walking distance and the expansive views from the pool create a tranquil setting for relaxation and stillness...

...relaxing poolside at our ocean view Sangsurya Retreat pool...

Our Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreats are based on dedicated morning and afternoon yoga practice. I also teach an intensive 30 minute pre lunch core strength class as well as evening yoga nidra and meditation. Guided beach walks, nutritional talks and chanting are also a part of the retreat experience - as well as time to do nothing at all. An included one hour massage is given at the beginning of the retreat to assist you in dropping deeo into the relaxing retreat space and extra massages and healing body treatments are available throughout your stay.

beautiful beach walks on our Byron Retreats...

Our retreat menu is all organic and free of meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, caffeine and alcohol to give our bodies systems a light and healthy cleanse. Caspar prepares plenty of delicious organic meals full of healthy goodness so we never go hungry and this is in no way a fast but your body will thank you from eliminating processed foods and eating only organic whole foods, which are mostly sourced from our local area.

2012 Europe & Bali Yoga Retreats...

our Oct Spain Yoga & Hiking Retreat group reaching the top!

I've just finished three months of inspirational Yoga Retreats in Italy, France & Spain. What an amazing and beautiful journey it was. Thanks to all who joined and made it happen. I'm so looking forward to being there again next year. Click here to see our 2012 calendar of retreats and let me know any questions you have...

...here are the chefs in France...

In the Kitchen with Lora...

Lora joined us on the France Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat to bring some extra goodness to our meals. One one day each guest was given a recipe and sourced the ingredients at the local farmers market in Mont De Marson. Once back at the Chateau we prepared a healthy feast based on what was in season. It was a fun and delicious lunch together.

Lora's own broccoli soup was a hit. So tasty and so good for you.

Broccoli Soup with crumbled Feta
1 or 2 large heads of broccoli
1/2 to 1 bag spinach
Feta cheese, crumbled
Olive oil

Fill a large pot of very salty water to a rapid boil
Cut the florets off of the broccoli and put in the water
Cover and let cook for about 5 minutes
The broccoli should be tender, but not too soft
Drain broccoli but reserve the cooking water
Place broccoli florets in a blender with about 1/4 of the cooking water and puree until smooth and to desired thickness.
Add spinach and blend with about 1/4 C olive oil.
Salt to taste.
Can add some crushed red pepper and this will bring out the flavors in the soup
Sprinkle with feta cheese and serve.

Other ideas for serving:
With crunchy croutons, with chunky vegetables, with chili oil.

What I'm Loving...

I love seeing photos from our previous retreats. It brings back such wonderful memoriers. Click here to see photos from past retreats, including in Europe, on our Radiance Retreats facebook page. (you don't have to be joined to facebook to see the photos). If you have any to share from your previous Radiance Retreat I'd love to see them...

Happy yoga-ing and I hope to welcome you on retreat one day...



"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"