Byron Bay - Bali - Italy - France & Spain

It's been a beautiful week of contrasts in Byron Bay. One day's beach walk turned into an energizing swim in the raging ocean and practice under dark storm clouds in the wild rain. The next morning the same ocean was crystal clear with dolphins dancing through the waves. I'm so looking forward to sharing lots of nourishing natural experiences on our upcoming Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreats....

Byron Bay Cleanse and Pamper Retreats

There's still some space on our upcoming

NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat Dec 27th - Jan 2nd and our

Summer Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat Jan 5th - 11th.

These soulful retreats offer a healing blend of twice daily yoga, meditation, beach walks, 2 included massages, cooking & health talks, all organic vegetarian meals, core strength classes and lots more in beautiful surrounds...

Other 2012 Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat dates are:
February Fri 24th - Tue 28th
March Sat 24th - Wed 28th

CNN Hero of the Year: Robin Lim from Bumi Sehat

If you've attended one of our Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreats you'll be delighted to hear that Robin Lim, founder of Bumi Sehat, the natural birthing centre in Ubud we drop off donations too, has just been made CNN Hero of the Year. What a tremendous woman and work she does. On previous retreats Radiance Retreat guests have kindly bought in their suitcases baby clothes, medical supplies and other useful items they no longer need. Small offerings make big differences...



2012 Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreats & Easter Heart of Bali Retreats

Our 2012 Bali Yoga Retreats are

April 6th - 12th (Easter)
May 26th - June 1st
June 9th - 15th

offering dedicated yoga with inspiring cultural experiences, deluxe spa pampering, guided walking, cooking classs & market tour, beautiful accommodation and lots more. Extra nights can be booked before or after the retreat for a longer stay.

Bali is a wonderful place to bring your non participating partners and kids as there's lots to see and do and babysitting available...

Free Up Your Voice with Yoga

The quality of your voice, the way you speak, affects how you're heard, how well others listen to you. Someone who speaks freely and confidently with a clear tone of voice is much easier to listen to than a person whose voice grates with stress or shakes with nerves.

One of the classes on our Byron Bay Retreats is Voicemoves Yoga with speech pathologist Carmele Moore who is dedicated to helping people free up one's voices. She offers sounding meditations, sounding the chakra's as well as yoga postures with voice. It's such a wonderful experience.

Yoga's physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques relax the nervous system and assist with correcting respiration problems. With practice, muscle tension, alignment, respiration, relaxation, presence, centredness, focus and energy are all improved, in turn affecting vocal impact and performance anxiety. When you feel more relaxed and connected with yourself, many problems of confidence and expression will dissolve and the sound of the voice will improve.

There are many different yoga postures designed to stretch the muscles in the neck, throat and upper chest, particularly the backward-bending postures.

Click here here to read more about her work in an article I wrote for Wellbeing Magazine.

Christmas Offerings:

Join the tribe of people giving 'offerings' this Christmas where instead of presents (or as well as) give each other the gift of a poem, song, dance, joke, slideshow of your images - it's limitless and free. It makes spending a day with your family nourishing and fun. You'll be amazed at what talents your family and friends have and the kids are so into it. Sharing your self - what greater gift is there to give...

Radiance Family Yoga Retreats

My most inspiring news is the introduction of a Radiance Family Yoga Retreat which is being held for the first time in Byron Bay January 2013 from Sunday 6th - Saturday 12th. A long way off I know but it gives us all a year to plan and book cheap flights, etc. There'll be yoga for us parents, yoga for kids, family chanting, beach walks, swims, painting, dancing, games & lots more. I am so looking forward to creating a retreat where parents can experience the full benefits of a retreat with lots of quality yoga knowing their kids are also enjoying a healthy and inspiring holiday. This retreat will also be raising money for two children we're helping support in Cambodia. Stay tuned for more news on our website in the new year and let me know if you're interested. Something for everyone to look forward to...

2012 Radiance Yoga Retreats Calendar

Byron Bay Retreats

Byron February Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat Feb 24th-28th

Byron March Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat March 24th-28th

Bali Retreats

Heart of Bali Easter Yoga Retreat April 6th-12th

Bali May/June Yoga Spa Wellness Yoga Retreat May 26th-June 1st

Bali June Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat June 9th-15th

European Retreats

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat July 7th-14th

Tuscany Yoga and Walking Retreat, Lucca

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat Aug 11th-18th

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat Aug 18th-25th

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat Sep 1st-8th

Spain Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat Sep 8th-15th

France Luxury Yoga & Pyranees Hiking Retreat Sep 22nd-29th

Byron Bay NYE Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat 28 Dec - Jan 3rd

Byron 2012 Retreat

Byron Summer Yoga Cleanse and Pamper Retreat Jan 6th-12th

What I'm Loving:

Feelin Good Chanting CD for Kids by Snatam Kaur
This CD is priceless. My 5 year old daughter loves singing and chanting. Hearing Snatam and her kids choir singing beautiful, simple sacred chants is nurturing and uplifting. We've been playing it every morning to embrace the day feeling good. Her website is and she's also produced a great kids yoga DVD as well as many chanting CD's.

A theme of most of Retreats is to give our body a light cleanse by cutting out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, processed foods and meat and eat lots of delicious organic vegetarian foods prepared by our fabulous cooks who love food and keeping us healthy and inspired so it was inspiring to read this article. Click here to read how Kale is an anti inflammatory, is higher in iron than meat, full of calcium, fibre, omega fatty acids, builds the immune system and best of all is a sustainable source of all the above...

Happy yoga-ing and I hope to welcome you on retreat one day...



"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"