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It's so inspiring being apart of people's yoga journey, seeing the transformations that take place over just a few days of dedicated practice is such a testament to the simple yet profound beauty of yoga. From tears of joy at finding pain free ways to practice yoga without aggravating arthritis, to the peace experienced from learning to breathe well and the sense of relief felt from finding an enjoyable exercise that calms the mind. It seems no matter where we're at, no matter what age or level of yoga experience, yoga offers an endless source of health and inspiration.

New Years Day beach yoga, Byron Bay

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Beautiful Yoga Retreats
Byron Bay, Bali, Spain, Italy, France....

Nine years ago, in March 2002, my sister and I held our first yoga retreat. We were living in Bali at the time and so Radiance Retreats began with a Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat. What an exciting time. I can still see the glowing faces of those first blissed out guests.

Year's later Radiance participants continue to glow from so much yoga and deep full breathing, relaxation and meditation, healthy food, massage pampering, fun and adventure. Today Radiance Retreats are held regularly in Byron Bay as well as France, Spain, Italy, Bali and other parts of Asia.

There's still a few spots available on our next 'blissed out' Bali Yoga Spa Wellness Retreat from April 30th - May 6th

Villa Benvenuti, Lucca, Italy - our home in Tuscany!

July 23rd - 30th I've been invited to run a 7 night Tuscany Yoga & Walking Retreat staying at Villa Benvenuti, a beautifully restored 17th century villa located just outside the walled city of Lucca sitting high on a hillside overlooking a panorama of olive groves, fruit trees and vineyards. Together we'll journey deep into our yoga practice with twice daily classes as well as core strength sessions and guided meditations - including evening star gazing. We'll explore the local region on foot, enjoy wonderful sightseeing and immerse ourselves in art, culture and of course enjoy fresh Italian food - much being sourced from the Villa's own gardens....

Exploring Quiros Valley, Asturias, Spain

September 3rd - 10th we're in Northern Spain for our Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat. Being here is like stepping back in time. We stay at a lovely Spanish yoga retreat in the gorgeous green Quiros Valley where the abundance of yoga practice, scenic hiking, fresh mountain air, picturesque villages, stunning scenery and cultural insights will have us bouncing out of our skin with radiant health and inspiration.

September 24th - October 1st is our beautiful Yoga & Pyrenees Hiking Retreat staying at Chateau Robert in South West France where we explore the sacred Pyrenees mountains, old villages and immerse ourselves into the wonderful French culture.

October 8th - 15th we return to Spain for our second Yoga & Asturias Hiking Retreat. Hiking in Autumn is so beautiful in Europe.

November 9th - 15th we're running a a 6 night Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat in Byron Bay staying at the lovely Sangsurya Retreat with lots of beach walks, yoga, pampering and healthy eating. Our annual NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat and Summer Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat offer a lovely way to end the year and journey into the next feeling relaxed, clear, heathy and inspired with lots of yoga, beach walks, swims, massages, organic meals and cleansing juices...

Retreats by Request ...

Someone recently asked if I could run a retreat for her and her friends in France as they can't make our September date. If this is of interest to anyone let me know. All you need is a group family or friends to join you. There're many idyllic small group retreat locations in Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam...anywhere really. This is a great option if you want to bring your tribe of kids along as...


Bringing the kids......

We traveled a lot as kids. When I was eleven my mum took my sister and I to India for 5 months to explore various communities and ashrams and to trek in Nepal. It sounds great to me now but back then the intensity of it all was extreme: the heat, the smells, the colours, the poverty, the temples, the incense, the prayers, the laughter, the smiles, the strong sense of family and community. We slept in $1 a night hotels and ate off the streets. I can't say I loved the experience back then but I'll never forget it. It broadened my life perspective on so many levels.

And now it's my turn to take my daughter on adventures. Thankfully she loves it and I love watching how the experiences expand her awareness. She may not remember her first Bali yoga retreat at 4 months but I remember how she radiated with joy at being held by so many loving Balinese mothers.

If anyone's interested in attending one of our retreats with kids Bali is a wonderful place. The women at our hotel give so much care and attention to the children so you can relax and enjoy your yoga classes. There's a lovely pool and even a playgroup next door...

Focus on Flexibility...

The rythm of the body

the melody of the mind

& the harmony of the soul

create the symphony of life

B.K.S. Iyengar

The benefits of yoga practice are many. One of the most obvious physical benefits is improved flexibility. With regular stretching the body relaxes and releases. And with this increased physical flexibility our mental flexibility expands.

As the body opens and becomes more fluid and mobile we're able to move about in everyday life with more grace and ease and this allows us to be more relaxed with ourselves and others in the world around us. And that's the beauty of yoga; its practice improves the quality of our life on all levels of being developing our self awareness and awareness of life and others.

Supta Padanghustasana

Here in Supta Padanghustasana we're stretching the hamstrings in, which allows us to bend over more easily (to pick up babies, fallen pens or tie shoe laces), which allows us to be more useful and active in everyday life, which makes us feel good...and so it continues. So take a deep full breath, relax and keep stretching...

What I'm Loving...

Raw Cacao Bean:
If you haven't already discovered the raw cacao bean, so precious the Mexican used them as currency, then try them at your health food store. This 'superfood' is extremely high in anti-oxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium and many other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C.

Raw Cacao Beans

This is the bean chocolate is made from but eaten in its raw form is free of sugar, dairy and bad fats. I love the dark chocolate bitter flavor and make raw organic cacao & spiralina for delicious protein snacks. They're a dream!

Dream Ball Recipe:
Actually this is not really a recipe as you can easily make these from many healthy ingredients but I often use a mix of raw cacao powder, a little spiralina powder (high in protein and B vitamins), shredded coconut, soaked and blended nuts and seeds (try sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews) and currents or raisons. I sometimes add a little coconut oil, which helps them to harden them in the fridge and a dash of natural sweetener such as raw honey or coconut palm sugar. You can also use soaked apricots, yum!

Infra Red Sauna's
I'd love one of these in my house but for now I try and have one once every week or so. They give so much energy and improve skin texture and tone, they build collagen in the skin, detoxify the body, remove heavy metals from the organs, combat excess body weight and cellulite. At first the extreme heat feels intense but you soon get used to it and it's only for 30 minutes. Be sure to drink lots of water and electrolytes to stay hydrated.

Happy yoga-ing and I hope to welcome you on retreat one day...



"Radiance comes from within, manifesting as shining skin, hair and eyes.
Radiance Retreats are a complete renewal"