"Radiance comes from
within, manifesting as
shining skin, hair and
eyes. Radiance Retreats
are a complete renewal
of body, mind and spirit"

radiance - n. 1.
the quality or state of
being radiant
radiant - adj. 1.
characterized by health,
intense joy,
adj. 2.
sending out rays of light;
bright; shining
retreat - vb. 8.
a place to which one may
retire for refuge, quiet, etc...


Jessie Chapman has been offering Radiance Yoga Wellness Retreats since 2002 in Byron Bay, Bali, Thailand, France, Spain, Italy and now New Zealand. The retreats are a soulful blend of inspirational yoga classes, beach & nature walks, massage & spa therapies, healthy meals & juices, core strength classes, meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga nidra, cultural tours, awe-inspiring hiking & lots more in beautiful locations. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. People join our retreats for many different reasons - everyone leaves feeling relaxed, healthy, clear & inspired. Click here to read what people have said about their Radiance Retreat experience.

About the Yoga: The retreats are based upon the foundation of dedicated yoga practice with Jessie Chapman and the experienced Radiance yoga teachers & facilitators. All levels of yoga experience are well catered for including complete yoga beginners. People are challenged according to their experience with plenty of individual attention and adjustments given in the classes by our experienced Radiance facilitators. The classes combine gentle warm up sequences with Vinyasa yoga (moving through the postures with breath awareness) and holding in postures to build strength, stability and alignment. Many variations of the postures are given so people can practice according to their experience and individual needs. The classes are designed to allow people to journey deep into their practice with awareness and ease. Yoga props are often used to go deeper and to experience complete relaxation and renewal in the restorative yoga postures. Retreat guests range from those completely new to yoga to those looking to renew an existing practice to experienced practitioners wanting to go deeper.

About Jessie and some of the Radiance Retreats family:

Jessie Chapman - Yoga Teacher & Retreat Founder

Jessie Chapman Yoga TeacherJessie has been practicing and exploring yoga since 1991 and began developing her teaching skills in 1996. Jessie published 4 yoga books with HarperCollins Publishers AUS & Ulysses Press USA, including Yoga Postures for your Body, Mind & Soul, and created the popular Radiance Yoga DVD series for home practice. Jessie has studied yoga with many leading teachers in various yoga styles. “I remember attending my first yoga class, it was a profound and life changing experience. I fell in love with exploring the many and varied yoga postures, the physical sensation of stretching, challenging and awakening my body. My breathing improved and there was an immediate shift in my state of mind. A feeling of calm and inner peace washed over me and I knew that yoga would become a natural part of my life.” Becoming a qualified teacher in 1997, Jessie continues to study and develop her teaching skills and understanding of yoga practice and wisdom. She loves being apart of the transformational yoga journey and creating a space for people to relax and connect within.

Lee Purdie - Yoga Assistant & Yogadance Teacher

Lee Purdie  Yoga FaciltatorLee is a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for many years and loves the balancing affect the practice brings to all areas of her life. Lee assists in the yoga classes giving one-to-one adjustments and also leads the yogadance class on some of the Byron Bay and Bali Retreats. The yogadance sequence is a choreographed routine set to uplifting music that is taught step by step and accessible to every body. People who rarely dance are amazed at how easy, empowering and enjoyable yogadance is.



Anthea Amore - Yoga Assistant & Massage Therapist

Anthea Amore Yoga FaciltatorAnthea has been working in the field of natural health and healing for the past 20 years. Anthea is a certified yoga teacher who gives nurturing one-to-one adjustments in the yoga classes. Anthea is also a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Natural Beauty Therapist and offers massage, Reiki Healing & beauty treatments on the Byron Bay Retreats.




Haydie Osborne – Yoga Assistant, Naturopath & Walking Guide

Haydie is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, naturopath and nutrition coach who assists in the yoga classes giving adjustments and individual attention. Haydie also offers the evening yoga nidra sessions, pre lunch restoration, meditation and mindfulness classes as well as leads some of the daily guided beach and nature walks. Haydie has a passion for health and nutrition and gives a talk on Healthy Eating & Lifestyle on our Byron Bay Retreats and is available for private consultations and support during the retreats.



Nadine Jaynes - Yoga Assistant, Meditation Facilitator & Walking Guide

Nadine is an experienced and qualified yoga and meditation teacher who assists and teaches yoga and meditation on some of our Radiance Retreats. Nadine began meditation practice as a child and loves to share her experience with others, guiding people gently to awareness, mindfullness and stillness through guided seated, lying down and silent walking meditations. Nadine also leads some of the beach and nature walks on the retreats.



Jacinta O'Leary - Yoga Assistant, Mindfulness Drawing & Walking Guide

Jacinta O'LearyJacinta is a certified and experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher who adjusts and teaches yoga on some of the Radiance Retreats. Her classes cater to all levels of practice and experience with particular focus on developing the foundation of the yoga postures and correct breathing. Her classes are of great benefit to beginners as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to refine their practice combining gentle sequencing with dynamic asana work, pranayama as well as deeply restorative yoga for relaxation, healing and stillness. Jacinta also guides some of the walks and leads a mindfulness drawing class during our Uki Retreats over NYE.


Kevin - Bhajans/Kirtan (chanting)

Kevin and Mel Yoga FaciltatorsKevin leads Bhajans and Kirtan on some of our Byron Bay and Bali retreats. With Kevin singing on guitar we're guided through simple chants in Sanskrit and English. The singing creates an elevated mental condition for practicing meditation and sitting in stillness. People feel empowered and honoured by contributing their voice. In these sessions there is also the option of sitting in stillness (or lying down) and simply absorbing the wonderful sounds.


Oles - Bhajans/Kirtan (chanting)

Oles has been chanting Sanskrit chants ever since he first visited India over 2 decades ago. Using his experience and training as a professional musician and music teacher he leads the chanting sessions on some of our Byron Bay Retreats. “Chanting is an ancient and important part of yoga practice. Just as music sometimes allows us to access parts of ourselves that sometimes we can’t so easily reach, chanting mantras gives us the opportunity to lose ourselves, to open up, and in doing so it can allow us to really transform ourselves.”